Our Process

Every garden is unique, and we will give yours exactly what it needs to thrive in a way that pleases you. We work with you to develop a healthy garden that suits your purposes, aesthetic, and budget. Through conversation and site walks together we determine your landscape goals and desires, and from there we begin the adventure of creating the outdoor space you envision.


First we assess the situation. Is it a new construction garden design, an established garden reorganization, restoration of a neglected garden, or rejuvenation of a flagging garden? Are we working around obstacles, challenges, and specific needs such as privacy? Do you need someone to take over regular maintenance? Is your home for sale and in need of curb appeal? All these considerations are taken into account.


Next we assess the garden’s health. Soil composition, sun and shade spots, existing plantings and structures, paths, walls, ponds, drainage, and overall site condition are examined. Within the scope of assessing the garden is perhaps the most important part of our work: assessing how the garden looks to you, and how you want it to look.


Your aesthetic is of paramount importance to us. The garden reflects your style, not ours. Our job is to make the garden you want out of the possibilities available to us. We look out your windows so the garden will work with your views and your interiors. We ask you about colors and textures. We ask about your pets, your position on fragrant flowers, and if you like bring cut flowers inside.


After discussion with you, we develop a priority plan for work that encompasses overall garden design and includes clean up and weed removal, soil amendment by the addition of compost, natural fertilization, and plantings. Prioritizing work means that we will always address the garden concerns most important to you, and waste neither our time nor your money.


Our process is as organic as our practices. As we work with you we build a rapport that allows you to allow us to bring your garden dreams to life. True, there will be times when we rain on the parade – for example, no matter how much we might want to we’ll never be able to grow sunflowers in the shade! We make up for it, though, by helping you to realize a healthy and sustainable garden that brings you pleasure and fits the way you live.


Design & Photography: David Lloyd Imageworks