Mid-Century "After" Photos by Janet Loughrey

The Mid-Century Lover’s Garden

This garden was designed by Green Artisans with a large amount of direction from the client.  As an interior decorator, the owner has a keen sense of design and staging.  Our collaboration has created a wonderful space to be in that incorporates many styles and a great diversity of plantings.


Situated on Rocky Butte the garden gets pounded by strong winter winds coming down the Gorge so a decorative screen was built to protect tender plantings.  Every aspect of the garden is lushly planted with species appropriate for the design and situation.


This garden is maintained by Green Artisans and is on the 2011 Association of Northwest Landscape Designers tour.

The Irvington Garden

The Irvington garden was originally designed in 2006 for clients that were rehabing the house and garden for sale.  The budget was extremely small and it became necessary to use as much of the existing garden to fill the beds.  The goal was to create a garden that added to the elegant presence of the house from the street and to make all areas of the garden a pleasure to view.


As with most of our designs, seasonal color was added and the use of a plant pallette that utilizes architectural and interesting plants.  The new owners liked the garden and its plantings and ultimately hired Green Artisans to make the garden their own, adding raised beds and plantings in the parking strip to compliment the existing plantings.


We also maintain the garden to address the needs of the developing garden.  Design and Maintenance by Green Artisans LLC.

The Entertainer’s Garden

This garden was designed for clients that would like to live outside when possible.  There is a large paver patio that incorporates a fire pit, dining area and barbeque section for cooking and serving.  Pavers occupy most of the back yard so plantings are used to break up the space, accent the contours of the paver area and naturalize gracefully.


There is a large bed for vegetable and Herbs in the sunniest spot and the shady West side has been made into a court for playing the game Washers.  The small front garden was designed to add vertical interest and color to the front of the house that rises high above the street.


 Installation of the garden by Natural Encounters LLC.  Decorative Fire pit cover by The Fairy Forge. Design and Maintenance by Green Artisans LLC.

The Naturalist’s Garden

This garden was designed and developed for a client that enjoys naturally formed environments and plants that are well adapted for the space they occupy.  We choose plants that model a naturally formed garden while adapting the space with a diverse population of plants that create a beautiful and interesting garden.


Due to the location, a lawn was maintained in the front of the house to connect to neighboring gardens while changing the surrounding beds with more natural plantings.  the garden is also tricky as there is a spring that raises the water table significantly in winter.  The use of proper plant species have thrived in this location and the client has been very happy with his ever changing nature scape.


Design and Maintenance by Green Artisans LLC.

The Ellison Estate

Working on the development and subsequent maintenance of the Ellison Estate started Green Artisans Head Gardener Courtney Downing on the path to understanding the complexities and needs of maintaining a garden throughout the year.


Having the experience to work for amazing landscape architects on a world class garden gave her the tools to understand what is possible for every gardens success.  This garden is 35 acres of intensively designed gardens in a Japanese style and in a California climate.


Courtney was able to develop the maintenance program with Organic methodology that helped the garden establish in a difficult climate and setting.


The Gilo Estate

Utilizing the knowledge and experience gained at the Ellison Estate, Courtney Downing was able to transform the 11 acre Californian estate into a healthy and beautiful landscape.  Originally designed by landscape architect Tito Patri, the estate incorporates large areas of native plantings including grasslands, 3 water bodies and Oak woodlands.


The garden was 3 years old when Courtney came onboard and had been maintained by a ‘mow blow and go’ company.  As a result there were large areas that were dead from neglect, the lawns had very high levels of Iron from over fertilization and the original irrigation program was still being used.


After 2 years of work, the garden was weaned from the need for so much water, organic fertilizers aided the success of much of the garden and native wild life has returned, to the enjoyment of the owner.


The healthier landscape was photographed by Sunset Magazine and an award was given to the designer Tito patri.


Portfolio Photography by Courtney unless otherwise noted

Design & Photography: David Lloyd Imageworks